Aviation Cosmetics Hangar

The Aviation Cosmetics Hangar – a €15 million project at the Safi Aviation Park – was inaugurated earlier last week by the Maltese and Dutch prime ministers. The project is now ready to house the first A320 aircraft in the coming days.

Considered to be a state-of-the art aircraft spraying facility, the Aviation Cosmetics Hangar has from the very start been an enormous challenge for the design team to bring together foreign specialists to meet local insight to match the size of the job.

The facility, spread on 30,000 square metres, consists of one wide-body hangar, one narrow body hangar, an apron, an office/workshop building and all required plant including reservoirs, ventilation, extraction and filtration equipment to make it fit the purpose.

The form simply follows function….where broadly speaking all building design components are strategically placed adjacent to one another to follow the works process. Namely, taxiway links to apron, apron links to hangars, and hangars link to workshop, creating a controlled bridge between what is referred to airside to landside zoning, as defined by airfield authorities.

The dimensions again simply follows sizing….with a staggering 80m wingspan and a 73m fuselage length, the hangar structure fits the A380 like a glove. The facility can handle one wide body aircraft and a narrow body aircraft simultaneously OR three narrow body aircrafts at a time.


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