Structural Engineering / Civil Engineering

Our set-up guarantees a focused and personalised service, on both small and large scale projects.

We constantly research innovative structural solutions and maintain an awareness of current construction trends through association with foreign universities and participation in international seminars and competitions. We are fully conversant with British and European codes of practice and received technical education and chartership from UK universities / institutions.

Since our inception, we have strived to provide a quality service by engaging personnel with proficient technical skills, where our structural engineers have either attained or are completing MSc degrees with UK universities and where the directors of the firm have also obtained chartership with the Institute of Structural Engineers. Our main area of expertise is low to medium rise buildings and we are well versed in structural materials including steel, concrete and masonry building design. Our setup enables us to complete out- sourced work of structural engineering nature and we have a proven track record with architectural firms and international structural engineering consultants.

Our team of versatile structural engineers can provide a service ranging from conceptual analysis, used to determine load distribution and initial sizing, to a fully detailed analysis including nonlinear Finite Element aided by commercially available software packages or computer programmes developed in-house. Structural design is carried out to any relevant structural standard, where we are well versed with British Standards and Eurocodes.


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