About us

About us

At iAS we believe that our commitment to our people is the guarantee of service quality and we strive to pass on to our people the successful iAS style of building unyielding relationships with our clients.

We believe that topping up talented, technical people with the ability to communicate proactively, and to be sensitive to our client’s demands, is the essence of the iAS ethos. We recognise that the greatest asset of a professional service firm is the skill and personality of its people and we are proud to be able to present the proficient and specialised assembly of staff and consultants which make up the iAS family.


At iAS we have carefully identified structural design and project management as our core competencies and shaped our corporate strategy around them. The core competencies resonate with the previous experience of our talented staff and is also further strengthened through the continuous development programmes. All this is in line with our core values, amongst which one finds ‘commitment to customers’ in all fields of service ranging from unyielding personal availability, to cutting edge technical knowledge in the core competencies.

Our set-up guarantees a focused and personalised service, on both small and large scale projects. We perform particularly well on architecturally-led projects due to our part-architectural background from our undergraduate degrees and day-to-day experience with construction projects of varying magnitude. This enables us to meet the architectural requirements with improved buildability and structural efficiency, and build meaningful relationships with clients and contractors.

We assign a project leader for each project who is the main contact and is responsible for assigning and managing the required workload to our resources according to the needs and requirements of each individual project. The permanent staff comprises of project managers, architects and chartered structural engineers, who are directly responsible for technical aspects of the projects. All work is therefore of a professional quality and will meet the highest requirements of the job, where quality, resources, programme and buildability are regarded as indivisible

What they say about us

‘Excellent service, good value, good quality work, professional’


‘Strive for excellence’

‘The person on site was always active in the transfer of information. the communication was strong’

‘Priorities were cost & time and both were met’

‘We definitely got value for money’

‘The reaction was very quick when there was an issue; they were always in control’

‘It’s been a great satisfaction watching iAS team come such a long way, transforming themselves from structural engineers to construction project managers with a precision-mapped foresight of risks and strategy. Proud to have been around. Leaders in their field.’

‘It is indeed a pleasure to have had the opportunity of working with iAS on a number of high profile projects’

‘We would like to thank iAS for this incredible opportunity to allow us to see first hand and understand what we would have read and studied during our lectures and truly bridge the gap between the educational process and the professional reality.’

‘Availability at a moments notice, managing the process for the Client; value for money’

‘They go that extra mile; the collective wisdom over the years has resulted in transferred knowledge’

‘Approachability, technical background & experience’

‘There were times when the project slipped back but they were dealt with instantly; the team flagged up possible future disruptions which was a plus sign’


‘Approachability, project ownership & commitment’

‘Good value for money; main aim was to have peace of mind and we got it’

‘Strive for excellence’

‘Flexibility, serious, transparent & honest’


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