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For iAS the definition of project management has evolved over the last 10 years and strongly focuses on the early recognition of risk.


iAS is driven by Innovation, constantly searching for new knowledge and new ideas, willing to learn better methods and make sure all employees expand their knowledge base and skills.


Recycling of construction materials is an excellent way to reduce the impact on the environment


Sustainability in architecture describe techniques in which the present needs are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

Together with the ever-increasing efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of a structure, alternate materials and construction systems are being explored by various suppliers and manufacturers in order to improve the performance of the masonry structures.

The two general objectives that site layout planners should seek through careful organization are firstly, that the site has to be designed to increase efficiency in operations to promote workers productivity and secondly, the final project site plan will produce a good and safe work environment.

Since its inception, iAS had consciously put a focus on CSR in its values, which are the pillars of what it believes should be the basis of whatever it does, and how it behaves in its everyday operations.

iAS management strongly believes that we should be fully committed to the project, doing what is necessary to get the job done. This effort has over the years become an iAS trademark with clients.

Looking at it from an engineering point of view this value has minimal effect on an excavation and it should be studied and designed in the same way as any other stuctural element, taking all relevant factors into consideration.

Poorly chaired meetings can be an utter waste of time especially when there is no structure to the meeting including an agenda and a clear purpose which the meeting is supposed to achieve.

Pre-design also includes a site-visit where we will begin to assess site conditions, constraints, and possible design opportunities. iAS will make initial inquiries regarding authority regulations, and will provide recommendations to the client for the appointment of consultants that may be required for the project.

Our strategy is to inspire and motivate.

Will the local firms and contractors ever achieve BIM excellence? Definitely yes. But I bet it will be turbulent ride that is totally unplanned, wasteful and sparse.

Nurturing a positive relationship between contractors and client’s representatives.