Why iAS

We believe that iAS has the right project team blended with experience, commitment, versatility, agility and innovative approach, to provide the above mentioned level of control and service throughout the whole project lifecycle.

iAS is a multi disciplinary firm specializing in Project Management, Architectural Design and Structural Design teams. The company has over the years secured and successfully concluded a number of prestigious projects, such as Lufthansa Technik Malta, Pendergardens, Hal Ferh, Gasco LPG facility and others, through which it gained invaluable experience.

Our success lies in our ability to continuously strive to forecast potential project challenges and believing that for every challenge there is more than one solution, making solutions more frequent than challenges. We transmit this attitude and mindset through the whole project team investing heavily in communication which we believe is an important tool to motivate all team members towards the benefit of the project. Over the years we have invested in better practice governance, academic research, staff training, understanding the local construction industry and forging in-house IT enabling tools suitable for the construction industry.

At iAS we do not only provide systems and processes but we advocate a holistic project approach. The end result of such an approach is having better control on design, cost and time aspects of the project simultaneously, with predetermined project gates where Client approval is required. We believe that every project is unique having different requirements. At iAS the systems fit the project and not the other way round.

The above approach towards the execution of projects is in line with company’s mission statement:

Setting new standards in practice management, motivating and inspiring its people to give uncompromised service to its customers; making it the professional firm of first choice to work for in Malta and to be well poised to face international challenges.

What they say about us

‘Excellent service, good value, good quality work, professional’


‘Strive for excellence’

‘The person on site was always active in the transfer of information. the communication was strong’

‘Priorities were cost & time and both were met’

‘We definitely got value for money’

‘The reaction was very quick when there was an issue; they were always in control’

‘It’s been a great satisfaction watching iAS team come such a long way, transforming themselves from structural engineers to construction project managers with a precision-mapped foresight of risks and strategy. Proud to have been around. Leaders in their field.’

‘It is indeed a pleasure to have had the opportunity of working with iAS on a number of high profile projects’

‘We would like to thank iAS for this incredible opportunity to allow us to see first hand and understand what we would have read and studied during our lectures and truly bridge the gap between the educational process and the professional reality.’

‘Availability at a moments notice, managing the process for the Client; value for money’

‘They go that extra mile; the collective wisdom over the years has resulted in transferred knowledge’

‘Approachability, technical background & experience’

‘There were times when the project slipped back but they were dealt with instantly; the team flagged up possible future disruptions which was a plus sign’


‘Approachability, project ownership & commitment’

‘Good value for money; main aim was to have peace of mind and we got it’

‘Strive for excellence’

‘Flexibility, serious, transparent & honest’


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