Planning Consultation

iAS have a proven track record in its dealings with the Planning Authority for high profile projects such as the US Embassy and Lufthansa Technik

The firm’s work ethic is to involve Planning officials at an early stage within the design period so as to develop the role of the PA as one of the key stakeholders during the design phase and base the relationship with the authority on common trust and understanding of the key design parameters of the development.

Our design team will have a sound basis for our interaction with the PA, where the experience gained by Peter Zammit from his time as a director on the MEPA board will provide our team with a sound knowledge of the processes of the permit application. We are also aware of the current reform process underway within the PA, where iAS are conversant with the changes in the application process and are currently successfully processing other permits for large projects.

We are also aware of the importance that other authorities such as Heritage and KNPD, will have in the processing of the application. Our design team works in a proactive manner to work with such authorities to assure the efficient processing of the permit application.


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