Time Management

Time needs to be monitored in order to ensure that project duration is in line with what has been projected.

At iAS we strive to project the correct timeframe by making use of our internal database of durations coupled with our experience of working on various sites with different constraints. We work to a master schedule which provides the master dates for what we refer to as the merged works programme which is in turn populated through the contractors works programme. Once this is in place we take an active role, working with consultants and contractors, in investigating technical possibilities to reduce duration of works without straining the project budget.

One must also appreciate the difficulties in projecting the ideal time period due to a number of varying factors such as site constraints, sequencing of contractors on site, nature and complexity of the works, etc. Over stretching or undercutting a schedule might result in potential claims from contractors and consultants due to project inefficiencies which put a financial burden on the operations of these entities.


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